Hey there!

Since you're here, and your curious about me, i'll give ya the clip notes-

Family, comedy, and romance is how I see the world, and music is where 99.9% of my inspiration comes from. My niche for story telling falls into place with all of this, and my work is purely a true example of this.

So what does this mean for you right? Well, your photos from me will be based on the moment, and what we are trying to achieve- this means every shoot is very selective towards the magic YOU wish to see, and what we create for YOU.

Over the years of working with many different couples, I've learned this really looks different for every couple, so whether it's making you laugh, or slowing things down to bring the elegant romance you dream of, i'm ready to work to make this happen as long as you fully express to me your goals.

If you feel like making magic with me, and feel my work is a good fit for you- head over to my contact page and lets get started!



“From start to finish, Holly was incredible to work with. This girl has some serious talent. You can tell just by talking to her how passionate she is about photography and ultimately, making her clients her #1 priority. It was an absolute pleasure working with Holly on our wedding (engagement session + wedding day). I would absolutely recommend Holly to anyone who is looking for a wedding photographer”